Approval / NOC for Tree Cutting

*Documents Required
Application in given format
You Can Apply Online Approval / NOC for Tree Cutting
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Details of land where the tree is standing (Khasra No., Plot No., Ward No. Etc. Along with location map).
Proof of ownership of land or lease documents or any other document which can substantiate that the applicant has got ownership rights in the land in question.
Details of tree(s) species, height, girth as basal area, condition of tree (sound, diseased, dying, dead, damaged wind fallen, girdled or with any other peculiarity).
Undertaking for compensatory plantation.

**Inspection Procedure / Check List
Tree officer shall acknowledge the application and may by order after inspecting the tree and holding such enquiry, as he may deem necessary, either grant permission in whole or in part or refuse permission for reasons to be recorded in writing, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application
No permission shall be granted to any person from the same area on more than two occasions during the same year
No permission shall be refused if the tree -
  • is dead, diseased or wind fallen; or
  • constitutes a danger to life and property; or
  • is substantially damaged or destroyed by fire, lightning, rain or other natural causes; or
  • constitutes an obstruction to traffic or if necessary for maintenance of power/telephone lines etc.

Time Line
Time line to issue approval/NOC for tree cutting in 30 days from the submission of proper application with required documents

Madhya Pradesh Vrikshon Ka Parirakshan (Nagriya Kshetra) Niyam, 2002
Provisions for Replantation
आर.टी.आई मैनुअल
सिंहस्थ 2016 नक्शा
अचल संपत्ति की जानकारी
दिशा निर्देश
नगरीय निकाय वेबसाइट
नगरीय निकाय मानचित्र
मध्य प्रदेश मेट्रो रेल
एस.बी.एम (एप्लीकेशन सत्यापित करने की प्रक्रिया)
अवैध कॉलोनियों की सूची
सुरक्षित शहर की पहल
नगर विकास योजना
पुरुस्कार एवं सम्मान
फोटो गैलरी
वेब लिंक्स
शहरी प्रोफाइल मानचित्र
दूरभाष सूची
व्यापक गतिशीलता योजना
प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम (आर.टी.आई)
नयी पहल
प्राइवेसी पालिसी
नियम एवं शर्ते
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